Here's a little background on me:

My name is Stephanie and  I am a NYC born Jersey girl.

I started beauty blogging in December of 2011 because I needed an outlet for all of this knowledge I have acquired over the years. 

If I am not home cuddling up with my 3 lb Chihuahua, Valentina , I can be found spending countless hours playing with makeup, hair, nails, clothing, photography; learning about dogs; reading medical journals; listening to music ; daydreaming about my next travel adventure.  

In addition to playing with makeup and beauty products, I love researching them and knowing the molecular forces behind their magic.

So if I tell you about a product, you better believe I did my homework.

I am not a "trained" makeup artist, but I am passionate about beauty - always have been, thanks to my makeup artist mother who is a professional with training, who taught me everything she knew at an early age.

I graduated with a degree in Neuroscience and a minor in Chemistry.  Therefore, it is in my nature to need to understand the science behind the products I use.  You will see this in a lot of my posts , and will hopefully set my blog apart from a lot of others.
Thank you for taking the time to visit my page, and for being interested enough in me to have clicked this section.  I look forward to this experience!  

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