02 December 2011

T3 Evolution: Limited Edition BARBIE Blow dryer

I just bought the T3 Limited Edition Barbie Evolution Hair Dryer and had to share the love!

The steps to a good blow-out are quite simple.  You will need :
  • the proper brush(s)
  • good hair styling products (serums, creams, etc.) *don't overuse or your hair will get greasy and weighed down*
  • a good hair dryer
In my quest to achieve the "perfect" blow dry; I've had many experiences with different brand blow dryers.  The T3 is by far the best I've come across (in my experience).

I've owned two other T3 blow dryer models before, and I must say that they were all wonderful.  However, the Evolution is by far the best. 

I have thick curly hair- or as my mothers hairdresser once referred to it as "sista hair", and the T3 Evolution dries/straightens in record time!
It has turned my dry course hair into shiny, frizz-free, silky smooth, delicious hair

Therefore, I highly recommend this T3 model.

Besides the Evolution, I owned the small pink PRO.Dryer, and although I adored it, it did crap out on me.

Here's the thing: that model was $99 [at the time], which compared to all the other models would make it the cheaper version.  I wanted to try out the product before investing over $100 on a blow-dryer.  So try it I did !

Thankfully, Sephora allowed me to exchange it for a Sultra- which I hated!  I then exchanged that for the  T3® Featherweight Journey - which was great for my trips to Germany and London.
Featherweight Journey

I loved it so much that I bit the bullet and shelled out a pretty penny for the Evolution model.

It's a great investment that will save you money in the long run, and will also help maintain a healthy mane.

So for those of you with color treated, dry, course, thick hair: the T3 is amazing

Here are the specs from the T3 website:

Patent infusion process emits maximum levels of ions and infrared heat
Breaks down water molecules and helps to smooth the hair cuticle
Heats the hair from the inside out for long lasting healthy results
Gently blows a wide stream of Tourmaline enriched air to nurture your hair
2 speed and 3 heat settings
Allow you to create any hairstyle with total confidence
Cool shot
Burst of cool air locks in style for a smooth and sleek look
Tourmaline Concentrator
Directs enriched airflow for precision
Blocks out impurities and helps to maintain superior dryer performance
9 ft cord with with cord wrap
Long cord with Velcro band offers ease of use and organization
Hang loop
Provides and easy storage solution when not in use
Weighs less than a spray bottle, providing an effortless drying process

Here are my ratings and reviews of the mentioned dryers:

T3 Pro Dryer ♥♥♥♥♥
Left my hair smooth and shiny, and dried hair quickly.  However, after about 3 months, the fan broke and it died.

Sultra: The Siren Styling Dryer ♥♥♥♥
I seriously wanted to fist fight the nozzle for not staying attached to the darn dryer!!  It did leave my hair shiny and smooth, but the amount of time spent finding the nozzle after it fell all over the place cancels out the possibility of a "quick drying time"

T3 Featherweight Journey ♥♥♥
Great for traveling.  Not made for everyday use and will eventually die out if it is.  I went to Europe for two weeks and proceeded to use it every day for another two weeks after; I started to hear the same "symptoms" the Pro model experienced before it died.  After a week of frequent use, it would overheat and shut off, leaving me to wait until it cooled down.  Two minutes later it would shut off again.  Needless to say, this made drying my thick curly hair a lengthy process.

T3 Evolution ♥♥♥♥♥
Love. Love. Love!!  I think I pretty much expressed my satisfaction with the product in this post.
Should this change, I will report back.  But for the time being, the Evolution is my hair drying soul mate.

Save your receipt, and if you hate it- return it.  Simple as that.

I'll be hitting up Sephora later today, so stay tuned for updates on my adventure!



MEL STEVENS said... [Reply to comment]

hahaha, finding a good blow dryer is definitively a relief! I found the karmin g3 salon pro blow dryer and I love it b/c i9t has ionic technology that makes it fast and thorough!

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