06 January 2012

Nicki Minaj O.P.I. Polishes

Happy Friday!!

Today I wanted to share my new Nicki Minaj O.P.I polishes with you.

They are fantastic!

This color is called Did it On Em

Kinda looks like split pea soup in this picture, but it's actually a little brighter in person...so like a neon split pea.

And here's Save Me over Did it On Em.

Save Me reminds me of little dill leaves, except rainbow colored hehe.  What's with me and the food references?!

If you use this color on it's own, it's a clear-ish silvery glitter.  But put it over another color, and KA-POW!!  You got yourself an explosion of awesome rainbow dill!

I also got some more killer colors including "Fly" from miss Nicki's collection.  I will post that soon enough.

Side Note: My favorite show (another guilty pleasure- I know) started yesterday!!

I LOVE Snooki and Pauly.  So jealous that my friends brushed up against Pauly and saw them countless times over the past 2 years.  I always missed them!  Oh well.

Vinny is actually kinda pasty looking compared to the rest of the crew.  Such a funny bunch.

Ciao Bella's!


Ruby said... [Reply to comment]

OMMG <3 You like jersey shore too? YAY <3 Finally I find another blogger who likes it : DDD I love Sammi the best : D, I haven't had a chance to watch this new season yet since I've been busy, but I watched all of the past ones at least :) I have a bad feeling about keeping Snooki and Mike in the same house for too long though, pretty sure something bads going to happen there :D haha. Also I love your nail varnish, wow! Where did you buy this?

Stephanie A. said... [Reply to comment]

You're in for a special treat when you watch episode one. It kicks off with Snooks/Sitch drama! It's gonna be a good season. They shouldn't have left Jersey because all their best seasons are in that house!

I got the polishes at Trade Secret :)

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