30 April 2012

Cotton Candy Hair

What a weekend.  Saturday, my iPhone just crapped out and stopped working completely, and Sunday I woke up with a swollen eye from allergies!  

I'm hoping I can get my phone repaired today, because I'm going through Japanese photo app/ Instagram withdrawal, and it ain't pretty! 
I'm so annoyed at my eye because I couldn't play with pretty makeup looks like I intended to  
So what did I do?  I played with my hair instead.

I've been wanting to buy lavender and teal hair extension clips, but instead, stumbled across these two toned hot pink/ blue extensions at my local drug store, and thought "why not".  It's not my every day look, but something I can wear when I'm feeling a little edgy and bad-ass.

I think they're kind of fun, and since they're clip-on,  there won't be any bleaching and chemical processing of the hair.  Best of all- no major commitment.  Gotta love it!

What I really want is tie dye colored (in lavender and teal), Ombre hair extensions, like this:
From Etsy.com
What do you think of this whole tie dye hair craze?

Thank you so much for stopping by.  
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Tanja Nicole said... [Reply to comment]

cooler post :) toller blog!


lexi said... [Reply to comment]

that's a fun hair accessory

Stephanie A. said... [Reply to comment]

Thank you ladies :)

Lexi- I just ordered a better one! Can't wait to show everyone once it comes in :D

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