08 December 2011

Technolo-geez: Stephie joins the 21st Century

Today I made my very own You Tube channel!brown teddy bear emoticons 14 Cute Brown Teddy Emoticons

I downloaded a video editor app called FlixLab, and got to playing around with it.

Naturally, my first video is dedicated to my Chihuahua, Valentina!brown teddy bear emoticons 19 Cute Brown Teddy Emoticons

I thought it came out really cute and so I wanted to share it with you guys.

I hope to start posting tutorials and so on.

Any suggestions for good video editing apps?

brown teddy bear emoticons 1 Cute Brown Teddy Emoticons



Alynne Leigh said... [Reply to comment]

hi! cute blog!(:

feel free to add my youtube to your friends list!

username: AlynneLeigh


Stephie Wefie said... [Reply to comment]

Your blog is adorable!

I just subscribed to both your blog and YouTube.

Can't wait to get started!

:) Stephie

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