06 December 2011

Important Basics: Making the Most of Your Makeup

Before I get into the instructional type posts for different looks, I wanted to go over some basics.
I like to think of the face as a pallet, and it is always best to start off with a nice clean canvas
Amazing Cosmetics'
AmazingConcealer To Go

The following products I have listed, are what I use and what has worked for me, but if you have a product that you use and are fond of, by all means please use it.  Maybe you can share the info as well

1) First things first.  You need a concealer

I feel like concealer is an absolute must.  Using it will make you look more refreshed and awake. 

I  have these hideous dark circles as  I've recently given up sleeping and my concealer by Amazing Cosmetics makes me look less zombie like!

TIP* For a natural look, it's best to use yellow-based colors for concealers, foundations and powders.  Yellow also 'cancels' out any redness, giving you an even colored complexion.

Pick a concealer shade that is one shade lighter than your foundation.

If you wish to lighten up racoon eyes, apply concealer under the eye and up to the lash line, don't forget the inner corner of the eye as well (using a concealer brush will help get those hard to reach crevices).

I like to then smooth the concealer and blend by patting gently with my fingers in an upward motion (I'm trying to prevent wrinkles, so upward it is).

2) Foundation.

When picking out a shade, avoid testing the colors on your hand please!

Instead, swatch a few shades on the side of your face (by jaw) and check the colors in natural light *warning* you may need to leave the flourescent lit department stores for this.

The shade that disappears, is the right shade for you. I like to use two colors since it’s rare to find an exact match.

I also think using different colors will help blend and achieve a more natural looking skin tone.

If you want a more "tan" look, use a lighter color on your T-zone, and a darker shade on lower cheeks,temples, and top of forehead (around hairline).

Make Up Forever's
Mat Velvet foundation

You don't need to apply foundation all over your face (I personally don't). Few people need to apply foundation all over the face.

Apply where you have uneven skin tone (usually along your nose). I also apply by cheeks.

You can even use a tinted moisturizer, if you'd like a more sheer, natural coverage. Tinted moisturizers tend to be much lighter than typical foundations.

In addition to the foundation, I have been using this product by Dermablend 

I seriously don’t think I give this product as much credit as it deserves. It conceals my biggest problem areas(blemishes, broken capillaries, etc.). You wouldn't even know there are any!

Dermablend Cover Crème

SPF 15 Foundation

3) Powder. Some people don’t like to use this if they are already using a foundation.  However, Iif you use a light powder, your makeup won't look heavy. 
For makup that is crease-free and long lasting, use a loose powder, and apply using a mini powder puff/ kabuki brush.  Try using a pale yellow over concealer.
I like to use mineral oils because they are nice and light.
My FAVORITE powder was the mineral powders by SheerCover (makers of Proactiv).  It makes your face look FLAWLESS!!  If you use this product, you can skip the whole foundation step as well.

Once I’m done with my bareMinerals powder, I’m going back to SheerCover.  Seriously- try it.  They have a satisfaction guarantee.  If you don’t like it, return it!  Why not

Mac's Paint Pot in Painterly
4) Eye shadow primer.  If you’re not using eye shadow, you can skip this.

Otherwise, I highly recommend a primer.  Not only so that your color stays on, but also they tend to be more vibrant with a primer.

The rest is optional, but I’ve found that they work wonders for me!

I like to use the Painterly Pain Pot by Mac as a base for my foundations.  Since it’s pretty much the same color of my skin, it starts me off with a nice base, and also helps my makeup look more “organized”.

Benefit's Eye Bright
Benefit’s eye bright is perfect for the corner of the eyes (brightens up face and makes you look more awake).  I also like using it on the bridge of my [big] nose.  Most people like to use a white eyeliner pencil for this, but I prefer Eye Bright’s light pink.  It’s a little more subtle

Last but not least: Don't forget to blush and fill in those eyebrows!

Cheers, to a beautiful you!!



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