05 December 2011

My First Look of the Day (LOTD) Post

Oh my poor roommate Kelly...I took her face hostage so I could play with all my new goodies!

The products I used [below] are the products purchased and mentioned in my previous post
I wanted to create a warm sexy and sultry look.  I must say, I succeeded!  I probably freaked her out because I just couldn't stop staring!  She looks so great!

On her:


Eye shadows: I got this really great Bare Minerals trio from Sephora a couple of months ago.  It was a free gift I redeemed with my member points rewards card.

Colors from left to right: Wearable Chestnut [Dark], Wearable Pecan [Medium], Wearable Pistachio [Light]

Dark brown, medium brown, and white for highlighting

Eyeliner: Using my new Smashbox liners, I used the Espresso (dark rich brown) as the liner, and the Gold (shimmering metallic gold) in the inner corners and bottom of the eye. 

Left to right: Sapphire (deep ocean blue), Gold (shimmering metallic gold), Espresso (dark rich brown), Emerald (deep green),  Black (jet black)
 Mascara: Fibrewig


Nars Highlighter/Bronzer duo.  I thought the pictures I used yesterday from the Sephora website, did it no justice.  They are just such splendid colors.

Nars Greek Holiday Lip Gloss

Something to remember is that it is really important to use the proper brushes when creating 'face art'.

I used the following brushes for this look:

F I N I S H E D   L O O K

 I later tried to create the look on myself- that's how much I loved it!

dodo dog emoticon 5 Dodo Dog EmoticonsI also thought I'd share my outfit of the day, or just the shirt.  I got this really adorable shirt from Forever 21, that I like to call it "Ode to Chewy".   I paired that with my Chihuahua earrings and couldn't believe how crazed I looked! Like a crazy dog woman...I love it!!

Circle Lenses: Neo Glamour Gray
Chihuahua earrings (from Germany)


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